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Snow Days: In the event of cancellation due to heavy snow or severe inclement weather, please check this website or call the studio and listen to the outgoing message. We will schedule a make up class ONLY if 2 or more cancellations take place for the same day of the week in a season. We do not give credits or refunds for snow days. You are permitted to attend another class during the week to make up a class.

Age Requirements: All participants should be the minimum age as indicated for each class by the start of class unless special permission is granted, please contact Owner/Director Alyson Thomas for special consideration.

Registration Deadline: FALL
Registration deadline is November 1st for all classes offered to beginners age 6 and up. Registration deadline for students age 3-5 is February 1st. Tuition will be prorated. All other interested dancers must be evaluated in order to enroll after November 1st. This deadline does not apply to extra workshops or 8-10 week sessions offered during the season.  SUMMER Registration deadline is 1 week prior to each class start-date.

Attendance Policy: Students are encouraged to make up any missed classes by attending another class of the same type in their level or one level below. There is no need to call ahead for permission. Family vacations and illnesses are considered to be excused. Dance Concert level students will be allowed 3 UNexcused absences per semester. Any Dance Concert level student with more absences than this will be considered for removal from the program and/or the Spring Dance Concert.

Due to the risk of injury, any student who is more than 10 minutes late for class will not be permitted to participate, but will be directed to sit and observe their class.

Parent Communication: Newsletters will be handed out in class as needed and will always be left at the desk the weeks following distribution. These notices will also be  posted on the waiting room bulletin boards and available for you to download or print out from this website.  Click  “Forms & Flyers” here or on the menu.  Parents, please check the bulletin boards, front desk and/or the web site once per month for information. It is the responsibility of the parent to be aware of all events, such as parent watch week, rehearsal schedules, performances, make-up classes and dates when classes will not meet. Everything is posted on the “Calendar” 2-3 months ahead.

Care of students: Waterford Dance Academy is not responsible for providing child care before or after any class. Students are not to be left at the studio for excessive time before or after class. It is recommended that students arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their class time and should be picked up within 10 minutes after their last class has ended.

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