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What do our WDA families say?

From Mary H: "Wow! Alyson, how do you manage to out-do yourself every year? Every show I come to, I say to myself, it couldn't be better, but year after year, it tops the last! I am amazed! These dancers are phenomenal, and you can tell they really love it! And the younger ones are actually dancing, I mean really dancing, without any extra help. So impressive! Great job, keep it up!"

From Gretchen C: "It's our 3rd year at Waterford, and we love, love, LOVE your place! I look forward to many more years!"

From Tiffany S: "Thank you so much for a wonderful first year at your studio! I am so impressed with the organization, the quality of instruction and the culmination of all my daughter's hard work was a spectacular sight to see! I can't imagine going anywhere else, you've got a customer for life! Or at least until she goes off to college!"

From Stephanie M: "This is our fourth year at Waterford, and our family wouldn't go to any other studio. The annual performance has a level of excellence we haven't seen at any other studio.  Each instructor has been wonderful and is committed to developing form, discipline and consistency. My daughter has always said about her instructor of three years- "she is really funny, but she expects us to work hard." My girls love Waterford!"

From Julie Pozezinski: “This was our first year at Waterford...We are SOOO glad we changed companies and (J) was SOOO thrilled about the recital yesterday! She is already talking about next year and the dance classes she wants to take! The quality of your program shows in each class and with each teacher. We couldn't be more thrilled to call WDA our new dance home for (J). Thanks again for a wonderful year and a wonderful recital.”

From Julie F: “Ten years later... Waterford feels like home!”

From Laurie B: “Coming in as a student who had danced for years, but never with traditional training, we found Waterford to be a warmer and more accepting atmosphere than we had found at other studios. My daughter has grown in strength and technique so quickly with the close attention and encouragement she has found at Waterford. We feel blessed to have found such a wonderful place to grow her love for dance!”

From Jodi C: “Five years ago, my daughter a little girl in her tutu, now she’s becoming an accomplished dancer!”

From Devin B: “A truly unique dance experience. With so much personal attention and passion from the instructors, WDA is sure to help you become a well-rounded dancer who appreciates dance as an art-form.  The experiences you receive here will carry with you for the rest of your life.”

From M. L. Pixler:  “Have to let you know that my husband and I were awe-struck by the performances. We want to acknowledge the incredible effort that went into the show by all - you ladies must be one helluva team to pull together such a well orchestrated performance...the pace was great, everyone was ready, the dancers were delightful, music well suited and mixed mood and the volume was perfect! My husband said it's the best fine arts event he's been to in years...spectacular!”