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Frequently Asked Questions

Some months do not have the same number of classes meeting, like in November and December, so why am I charged the same amount of tuition during these months as the other months that have more classes meeting?

Our season is based on 34 weeks of actual classes meeting. The individual classes are totaled up, and divided into equal payments. You are NOT charged for the days off noted on the calendar.  These days were factored into the number of weeks of classes actually meeting.  If you start AFTER classes are underway, your first  payment of tuition will be pro-rated based on your child's start date. After your first payment, each payment thereafter falls under the normal schedule.  

Please see the “Class Fees” page for more details.

My child is new to the program, which dance classes should I register for him/her?

We offer a wide variety of classes for several age groups. If your child is age 5 or under, any of our Preschool/Kindergarten levels are appropriate. Be sure to follow age guidelines. Your child should be the minimum age by November 1st. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. For the age 6 and over group, Ballet should always be a considered option. It is the most important subject of any dancer's training and is the basis of all other dance forms. Please see the Class Descriptions page for all other options if you are still unsure.

My child has had training at a different studio. How do I register for a class at his/her proper level?

If you are registering prior to the start of our regular dance season, before Labor Day, you should call to schedule a FREE evaluation. An evaluation is a 10-15 minute assessment of your child's knowledge and ability and is directed by the Owner, Alyson Thomas. If you desire to register for more than one type of dance, an evaluation is needed for each type.  Proper shoes and dance attire are NOT required for this.  After the evaluation, you will be immediately informed of your class options.

If your child is starting once classes are underway, he/she will be asked to take a "trial class". After obtaining some information about his/her prior training, he/she will be asked to attend a class that is recommended for him/her. This will give the instructor an opportunity to see how your child handles the material given and if he/she is able to keep up with the rest of the class. If so, it will be the recommended class to register for, but if not, he/she will be asked to try a level below. Likewise, if he/she is too advanced for the class, he/she will be asked to try the class a level above. We ask for your patience during this process. We need to make sure your child is truly placed in the proper level for his/her abilities. You will not be charged for these "audition classes". Your tuition will be based on his/her start date of the official classes he/she is recommended.

Note:  Please understand that we do our best to place everyone correctly, but once classes have begun, if it is seen that your child is either not keeping up with the class or seen as too advanced for the class, he/she will be asked to move down or up a level, depending on the situation.  

Will my child progress every year from one level to the next?

No, not necessarily.  Until the student has a good understanding of the dance technique, physically and mentally, he/she will need to repeat levels. Most students repeat levels at least once in their training before progressing, especially in Ballet and higher levels of other dance types.  Almost all students enrolled in the Preschool/Kindergarten levels will advance to the next level, as long as they fall within the age range for those classes.

Why is WDA so strict with age recommendations?

Each class is given an age recommendation according to physical and mental capabilities. For example, if your child is age 4 and wants to take Jazz, he/she would not yet have the physical coordination or the mental capacity to understand the intricate combinations required of the class. The same explanation holds for all other classes. Another important reason is that registering your child for a class for which he/she is not old enough could frustrate him/her and will also shut out a child who is of proper age.

Is good attendance throughout the year a factor in my child's progress?

Absolutely!  Poor attendance will only slow down your child's progression and bring about frustration for him/her, the classmates and the instructor. In dance training, good attendance is important for you child to excel physically and mentally with his/her technique. Good attendance is also necessary for reasons of choreography used in class and placement within choreography. Your child's classmates will become quite frustrated, discouraged and bored if the instructor has to keep reviewing material due to a child's poor attendance. Of course, if your child is ill he/she should not come to class. If absence is due to injury, please allow your child to attend class to observe and take notes if needed. (This would be asked of our tween and teen students)

What is Waterford Dance Ensemble and how does my child get involved?

Students looking for more performance or competition opportunities may audition for our Company, WATERFORD DANCE ENSEMBLE! We have a 9 teams total. WDE Tap, Jazz and Ballet Auditions are scheduled for early Summer. Students can try out for 1, 2 or all 3 teams! Email us for info!