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Classes for Ages 3-5

Creative Dance -Age 3-4 A class designed to introduce the child to the joy of movement. A ballet based class, students will learn basic movements, develop balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Props such as hula hoops, scarves, streamers and parachute play are used.

PreBallet/Tap -Age 4-5 A class which introduces the child to the joy and fun of learning ballet and tap dance. Designed for the younger dancer, students will develop grace, balance, coordination, rhythm skills and learn about musicality. Short routines will be taught throughout the season. There are 2 levels offered.

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Classes for Ages 6 thru Teens - Dance Concert Level

Ballet /Pointe  The foundation of all other dance forms, these classes introduce the student to the joy of ballet dance. Students will develop grace, good posture, musicality and balance. Several levels are offered and each level repeats and introduces new skills, building upon a foundation of technique that can carry them all the way to the goal of Pointe work if desired. Ballet is highly recommended as a starting point for any student interested in dance. If you desire to try out for your high school dance team, taking a ballet class concurrently with Jazz Funk/Hip Hop will improve your chances of getting on your school’s team.

Tap is a unique dance form in which students can create rhythms and tap out sounds with their feet. Each level builds upon the last, repeating technique while introducing new skills throughout the season. Learn cool across the floor sequences, tap turns and routines.

Jazz is a style of dance born from ballet, but movements changed to become more stylized, using a broad range of music genres from Broadway to pop to hip hop. Enrolling in a ballet class is required once students reach level Intermediate 1.

Lyrical is a more soft, fluid type of dance, a melding of jazz and ballet, typically danced to pop ballads. Several levels are offered and each level repeats and introduces new skills. Recent Ballet or Jazz experience is required in order to enroll in any Lyrical class. Enrolling in a BALLET class is required once students reach Lyrical 2.

Hip Hop Hip Hop is an energetic style that usually is performed to hip hop music and evolved from the hip hop culture. We ensure our music is CLEAN and moves are age appropriate. Open to any hip hopper age 9 and up.

Private Lessons in Dance - By appointment only. Please inquire if interested in private lessons. We offer lessons in all types of dance. Rates and appointments vary per instructor.

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Core Dance Classes for our 9-month Program

September - 1st week in June

For special Summer workshops and Camps, please refer to our Summer Schedule