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Dancewear and Shoes

The dancewear shown above is available by special order. It is offered for convenience, and is not a required purchase.

Orders are placed on the 1st & 15th of each month (more frequently when the demand is higher)

WDA always make an effort to keep tights on hand for immediate purchase

NOTE: WDA will not place customer orders for shoes or attire without payment up front.

A shoe fitting is required for ordering shoes, no appointment needed, just stop by during Front Desk Hours.


Requirements for ALL students

Hair Pulled back off of neck and away from face either in a bun*, ponytail or braid

*All Ballet classes for age 6 & up require a cleanly formed BUN unless hair is shorter than chin length

Jewelry is not permitted in any class, except stud earrings. Leave necklaces, rings and bracelets and wristwatches at home.

NO Gum allowed in any dance room.

NO baggy clothing such as sweat pants, shorts or t-shirts.

The instructors need to see the dancer’s body in order to make proper corrections.

Students may be asked to sit and watch class if they are not dressed appropriately.

NEVER wear your dance shoes outside at any time. They will wear out fast and also track dirt in from outside, damaging the dance floors. Bring all appropriate shoes with you to class in a tote bag or backpack.

Be sure to put your name inside all shoes. Our Lost & Found bin fills up quickly because shoes are not labeled.

Girls, you are welcome to store your belongings in any locker located in the ladies restrooms on either level, however, locks are not permitted and Waterford Dance Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Attire for Classes Ages 3-5

Creative Dance

Pink or white tights, leotard, pink leather ballet shoes - optional short skirt or tutu

PreBallet with Tap

Pink or white tights, leotard, pink leather ballet shoes,

Black tap shoes-replace ribbon with elastic or tap ties

-optional short skirt or tutu

Boys: black or white t-shirt, sweatpants, socks, black ballet shoes for Creative or PreBallet, black oxford style tap shoes for tap

Attire for Classes for Ages 6 and up

Note: For students taking a ballet class back-to-back with jazz or tap, you do NOT need to change tights. Students are required to wear pink tights only. You will need to purchase tan tights prior to the Spring Dance Concert.


Pink footed or convertible tights, leotard, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes-optional short skirt or tutu


Tan footed tights, leotard, black tap shoes  (lace-up Oxford style preferred)

Girls in ADVANCED TAP- Hard Toe lace up Oxford style


Tan footed or convertible tights, leotard, black jazz shoes (oxford style with laces, not slip-on)

-optional jazz pants or boy shorts permitted


Tan footless or convertible tights, leotard, lyrical shoes such as Foot Undeez, available to order thru WDA for your convenience, or go bare foot.

Funk-Hip Hop /  Pop-Lock & Hip Hop

Easy to move in, comfortable clothes,  black jazz shoes or dance sneakers, available to order thru WDA for your convenience.

NO street shoes allowed in any studio.

Boys: For shoes see class listing, but clothing as follows: plain black or white t-shirt, sweatpants or jazz pants

Proudly offering

Our shoes and dancewear are priced well below retail!

Stop in and order today!

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